This is bhavik
singh dot com
Hey! I'm a Product Manager, Designer and Developer currently working at Google in San Francisco. I like projects that combine technology with art. A selection of my recent works is below. Email me at bhaviksingh@gmail.com.
product, 2017-18
Digital avatars that look and feel like you, generated with a selfie.

Powered by illustration and neural nets. Built with the Expression team at Google.
product, 2018
Capture moments, or clarify your emotion with immersive effects and expressive image editing.

Powered by 2D/3D art and computer vision. Built with the Expression team at Google.
design + code, 2018
An app that explores how groups can create stories and form memories together.

Powered by React Native, Sketch. Built by me and friends.
Memory Sketchbook
art, 2018
Sketches that explore how memories are formed, stored and recalled.

Powered by Photoshop, Instagram, my camera and a sketchbook. Built by me.