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design + code, 2018
Vibes is an experimental app that I designed and built with a colleague, to explore ideas around memory. I was interested in how people form memories, especially as groups. The app has a series of collections, that we refreshed every day. Users were encouraged to then post images that reminded them of the prompt and could react to each others posts. We tested vibes over the course of a month with a group of 15 friends. This lead to a series of image collections that taught me a lot about which moments people recall, and which images most represent to them a person, place or time. Since the purpose of an appliation was to explore an idea, and not to grow a valuable business, after the experiment we decided to not post it to the app store.
Sample posts in Vibes
This collection of photos was submitted by users based on two prompts : "What happened this weekend?" (top row), and "Tell us a story about Tom" (second row). Through these images, I noticed the importance of major emotional events, or emotional responses generally in memory forming. Most of the photos submitted that were voted highly were moments in which the poster did something extra-ordinary away from a daily routine, like going to a concert, a party, or going home to see the cat. The less voted posts were more mundane activities.
Design work in progress